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In January 19, 2018 CARES Board of Directors were installed for the upcoming year. Paula S. O’Neil, Ph.D., Pasco County Clerk & Comptroller, officiated the installation ceremony.

Board members volunteer their time to ensure that the organization remains financially healthy and the CARES mission is fulfilled.

Seated from left: Annette Damey, CARES Board President; Phyllis Bross, Vice Chair; Dee Thomas, Secretary; Bobbi Tafara, Treasurer. Back row from left: Jemith Rosa, CARES President and CEO; Paula O’Neil, Guest; Board Members: Leigh Massengill; Barbara Sharp; Rebecca Bell; Joseph Pino, M.D.;  R. Terry Haas; and Michael Clark. CARES 2018 Board Members not pictured are: Gregory Gay, Steven Spina, Ph.D.; Eugene Williams; Commissioner Mike Moore, Ex-Officio; and Rao Musunuru, M.D., Emeritus Board Member.


Chair: Annette Damey
Vice Chair: Phyllis Bross, Esq.
Treasurer: Bobbi Tafara
Secretary: Dee Thomas

Michael Clark
Gregory Gay, Esq.
R. Terry Haas
Leigh Massengill
Barbara Sharp
Steven Spina, Ph.D.
Dee Thomas
Ex-Officio: Commissioner Mike Moore

Rao Musunuru, M.D.


President and CEO: Jemith Rosa
Director of Home Health: Tara Neshta
Director of Clinical Services: Karen Alvarez
Administrative Director: Maria Kimberling
HR Director: Rhonda Zanni
Communications Director: Brenda Martyniak