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Q: What is a not-for-profit organization?
A: An organization that uses surplus revenues to achieve its goals rather than to distribute them as profit or dividends. CARES goals are to promote quality of life and independence for older adults in our community. We help people stay at home, healthy, independent, connected and informed.

Q: Doesn’t CARES get funding from the government?
A: Yes, we do. CARES also gets funding from other non-profit groups that support our goals as well as from private donations. Some of our funding is in the form of grants that require CARES to fulfill certain obligations such as helping lower income adults manage their healthcare or providing our community with a free senior health clinic. The need is great and we exist to serve.

Q: Then why does CARES charge for services?
A: According to our funding obligations, not everyone qualifies for certain programs, however services that we have in place are available to everyone on a private-pay basis. The surplus revenue goes back into the organization to help more people and provide more services to our community.

Q: What kind of services does CARES offer?
A: CARES offers four main groups of services.

  1. CARES Home Health helps people stay at home while recovering from injury or illness. We work with your physician to offer Medicare services such as skilled nursing, wound care and therapy services.
  2. CARES Daily Living helps people stay independent. These services assist elders with every-day-life tasks such as adult day care, light housekeeping, laundry, yard work, bathing, writing checks and other personal and household duties.
  3. CARES Senior Centers are part of your community that helps to enrich the lives of older adults. It’s a gathering place where people can stay connected to others, enjoy activities and learn new skills such as computers.
  4. CARES Wellness programs encourage adults to stay informed and develop healthy lifestyle choices for a better, fuller life. We offer prevention programs, memory enhancement workshops, health fairs, support groups, screenings.

Q: I could use some help, but what do I do? How do I start?
Think of CARES as your senior yellow pages. We can help you find solutions to many health, household, personal and recreational needs. If you want help, but don’t know where to start call toll free 1-888-718-2110 or contact one of our senior centers.

Q: How can I help CARES?
A: There are many ways to help. Tell your friends about us. Share our story and tell them how we help people in our community. Volunteer and be a part of what we do. Make a donation, donate equipment, services, a used automobile or donate a planned gift in a will or trust.