Geriatric Care Management

Helping Seniors & Families Meet New Challenges

Our certified Care Consultants provide guidance and pathways for those caring for adults with chronic or long term illnesses. CARES’ consultants are trained and experienced to address mental, social, emotional, physical, medical, and spiritual wellbeing of the people and help them reach their maximum functional potential.

CARES Connects helps older adults and families through challenging issues and difficult care situations. If you are faced with issues that seem overwhelming, call us, we can help you decide your best plan of action and, in many cases, offer the resources to help.

CARES has a long history of helping people in many different situations. With over 30 years of experience, CARES is the leading agency in the delivery of services to older adults in West Central Florida.

We offer a variety of services to assist older adults and their families with care and care planning decisions:

  • Evaluation of the home care setting
  • Assessment of fall risks
  • Arrangement  and oversight of home care and support services
  • Review of medication regimen
  • Honeywell HomMed® Health Monitoring System
  • Liaison between client and physician
  • Health and nutritional support/education
  • Household consumer education and help
  • Referrals to elder law attorneys
  • Bill paying and checkbook reconciliation
  • Crisis intervention
  • Act as a liaison to families at a distance, overseeing care and quickly alerting families to problems.
  • Assistance with care home placement
  • Assistance with moving from a retirement complex, assisted living facility, or nursing home
  • Advocacy


An assessment provides an in-depth look at you or your loved one’s living situation, functional ability, and overall state of well-being. Through CARES comprehensive assessments our care managers are able to gain valuable information about your loved one’s health and cognition, psychological, social, legal and financial status.  With this knowledge/information our care managers are able to create a distinctive care plan and make recommendations and suitable referrals.