Memory Enhancement


  • It is a fact that aging increases the risk of having Alzheimer’s disease. Improving memory performance can delay the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.
  • It is better to prevent the loss of memory then to try to restore it.
  • The sooner a person takes on the challenge to “train the brain” the lower the risk may become for memory impairment.
  • A better understanding of what happens within the brain and the changes that occur as one ages empowers people to be proactive and better prepared.

CARES offers the following classes to help improve your memory. For more information call: Chris at 727-862-9291 ext. 2002 

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Strengthen Your Mind Program: A Course for Memory Enhancement

This course is designed for people who want to improve or maintain their memory. Based on “Strengthen Your Mind Program” by Kristin Einberger and Janelle Sellick, M.S., the program will focus on understanding how the mind works to learn and remember as well as strengthening its productivity through neurobics (brain exercises), activities and memory practice.

Participants will be provided opportunities to:

  • Challenge their minds and learn new skills,
  • Be pro-active in their well-being and care,
  • Socially connect with their families and community,
  • Maintain optimal cognitive function,
  • Help keep a sense of being and a sense of humor.

The program will be in two parts. Six chapters will be covered in the first session meeting one day a week for 2 hours for 6 weeks.

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[tab title=”Part I Topics”]

  • Memory and Aging
  • Learning Styles
  • Mental Aerobics
  • Exercise
  • Strategies for Memory Improvement
  • Brain Dominance

[tab title=”Part II Topics”]

  • The Five Senses
  • Stress/Relaxation
  • Optimism and Humor
  • Nutrition
  • Socialization
  • Memory Enhancement Course Review


There is a limit of 15 participants for each class. Participants will be given a self evaluation of their memory at the beginning of the session and then another at the end to measure their perception of improvement. Each participant will receive a folder for the handouts provided in each class.
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