CARES Senior Health Clinic

CARES Senior Health Clinic provides limited health care for seniors in our community. Our clinic cares for seniors with chronic diseases by providing primary care and teaching for our patients so they can maintain healthy lifestyles and live better, fuller lives.

The first step to qualify for this exceptional service is to meet the following criteria.

  • 55 years of age or older
  • With no health insurance
  • Low income

Once you have completed our initial telephone wait list interview you will be asked to provide some additional information during a pre-approval interview at the clinic. The application will be evaluated and the next step will be the assignment to one of our physicians.

Volunteer Staff

Our dedicated staff of volunteer doctors and nurses are compassionate and caring professionals who are giving back to their community. In addition to medical care our patients are encouraged to be proactive about their health by participating in our Health and Wellness initiatives such as the programs, seminars and screenings listed here.


Jacklien T. Erwin, M.D. is the CARES Senior Clinic Volunteer Medical Director at the Claude Pepper Center of New Port Richey. Previously, she was in private practice serving the Hudson area since 1983. Dr. Erwin began volunteering shortly after her retirement ten years ago. She has been instrumental in recruiting a number of specialists who have improved the quality of lives for the seniors served in our community.

Are you a Health Care Professional? We invite you to share your talents with us by volunteering at our clinic. You will be rewarded by knowing that you are giving our patients’ care that they may be unable to get elsewhere. We need nurses and doctors who enjoy educating our patients to improve their health by becoming proactive partners with their healthcare.

Submit your Volunteer Application today!