LEARN MORE ABOUT CARES:  Today’s seniors want to live in their homes, fulfilling their lives and dreams for as long as possible. That means staying at home, staying connected, staying independent, and staying informed. CARES offers people the tools and information that develop STAYING POWER!    CLICK TO SEE OUR BROCHURE!

People face aging issues that can limit the ability to live in their homes independently. Issues can vary greatly. They can include the need for home health care; help with home repairs, housekeeping, personal grooming; relief from the demands of caregiving; feelings of loneliness and isolation. CARES is a go-to organization that helps people address their particular needs. From social activities to in-home services, CARES is the organization that can assist seniors to stay and live as they wish, in their own homes.

CARES Home Health: Skilled Medicare services that can help you recover comfortably at home. Skilled reliable, compassionate professionals work with your physician to provide appropriate and effective care. CARES provides the following Skilled Medicare Services:

CARES Daily Living Services: Assisting people to remain in their homes, safely and in control, for as long as possible through the following personal and household services:

CARES Senior Centers: Enriching the lives and minds of older adults by offering a wide variety of social, recreational, wellness, computer learning and other educational programs. Feel free to visit our following centers:

CARES Wellness Programs:Keeping seniors healthy, happy and safely in their homes for over 20 years. Education is the key to success, these programs are designed for seniors and their caregivers!