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flyerThis program* is designed to help people who have a primary or secondary diagnosis of chronic pain such as musculo-skeletal pain of the neck, shoulder and back; fibromyalgia; whiplash injuries; or repetitive strain injury.  It may also benefit those who have conditions such as persistent headache, Crohn’s disease, irritable bowel syndrome, diabetic neuropathy; or multiple sclerosis. This wellness program runs from July 1- August 5, 2020 and is offered 1.5 hour every Wednesday for six weeks.

Internet Access required*

Donations can be dropped off at

CARES Rao Musunuru, M.D. Enrichment Center
12417 Clock Tower Parkway Hudson, FL 34667

Also, CASH donations are very much appreciated!
PLEASE CALL Melissa Mathe at 727-862-9291 ext. 2046.

If you know of anyone that would appreciate a CARE package, let us know at www.mycaremedicalgroup.com.  Click on the MyCare Loves Seniors tab and refer a family member or friend.




4 thoughts on “What’s Happening”

    1. What kind of senior care are you looking for,so I can make sure the right person gets in contact. Do you need an aide or basic assistance with at home chores?

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