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This class for Tai Chi is designed to help Seniors who have balance and/or mobility concerns. Improves balance, flexibility and strength with easy gentle movements. One Hour 2 X Week (12Weeks).



727-862-9291 ext.2008

Donations can be dropped off at

CARES Rao Musunuru, M.D. Enrichment Center
12417 Clock Tower Parkway Hudson, FL 34667

Also, CASH donations are very much appreciated!
PLEASE CALL Melissa Mathe at 727-862-9291 ext. 2046.







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  1. I have a neighbor (2 women) that has no electric and possibly no water and no transportation. Their electric was cut off and the meter was pulled two days ago. One of the ladies is disabled and appears the be in her late 50’s or early 60’s. I don’t know them or what happened. They have only been there a few months. They live next door and keep to themselves. I saw the power company pull their meter and I know they are still living there but they seem afraid to open the door. Does your agency help people in this type of situation or do you know of an agency that does?

    1. Unfortunately we do not offer those services, however call 211 for utility & bill help, also the Volunteer Way 727-815-0433…helps with food (can be delivered if needed), personal items, animals, utility bills, yard or home repairs. Metropolitan Ministries rent & utilities 727-937-3268; Pasco County Human Svcs.. rent & utilities 727-834-3297 or 352-521-5173. Salvation Army-Center of Hope 727-847-6321 rent & Duke Energy bills.
      All these churches help with rent & utilities:
      …St. James Church 727-869-3132…St. Michael’s 727-819-5170..St. Vincent de Paul 727-845-4955

    1. What kind of senior care are you looking for,so I can make sure the right person gets in contact. Do you need an aide or basic assistance with at home chores?

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